Kosangas LPG Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 5 August 1992, a joint venture formed by Elpiji (M) Sdn Bhd and Kosan Teknova A/S.

Our facility in Northern Malaysia manufactures the original Kosangas compact LPG regulator in accordance with stringent quality control and in compliance with international safety standards EN 12864. We also undertake various brass-machining works for the production of compact valve bodies.

In August 2002, Kosangas LPG Sdn Bhd acquired Kosan NGT A/S, the proprietor of the world-renowned Kosangas LPG vaporizers and relocated its production facility from Denmark to Malaysia.

Today, our production of Kosangas LPG vaporizers in Malaysia is certified to European Standards (PED, ATEX, CE approvals) as well as our local Malaysian approvals (JKKP) from Lloyd’s Register and UL DEMKO (Danish affiliate of Underwriters Laboratories).

Our company is certified with ISO 9001:2008 for the manufacturing of Kosangas LPG vaporizers in Malaysia. Dedicated to adding value to LPG business and operations around the world, we continuously expand our range of Kosangas LPG vaporizers to meet world markets needs and new technological requirements.

To further extend our product range, Kosangas LPG has come up with new models of compact dry-type Kosangas vaporizers to cater to different clients’ needs.