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Haji Jaafar Haji Salim
Nadzru bin Azhari
James Lau Eng Say

Past, Present & Future

Elpiji, a Bumiputra company, is the brainchild of three friends united by a common entrepreneurial vision. In 1982, Haji Jaafar Haji Salim, Nadzru bin Azhari, and James Lau Eng Say conceptualized and founded Elpiji, a system engineering and marketing company providing comprehensive downstream liquefied petroleum gas equipment and services.

The oil and gas industry in the ASEAN countries, particularly Malaysia, called for various supporting service industries of world-class standards and competitiveness. To meet these challenges, Elpiji sought to provide dedicated services and manufacturing support. This dynamic vision of the founders remains true and inspirational to the present day.

Since its early days of providing engineering services, project management, installation, and equipment supply, Elpiji has continuosly developed capabilities and proficiencies in downstream liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and natural gas (NG) solutions. While the Elpiji Group retains its forte, it has expanded its activities to include the manufacturing of specialized equipment that are competitive in the global market.


Reaching Out

We have progressed extensively from our early days of distributing products of foreign manufacturers in Malaysia. Propelled by an independent global vision to develop system integration of key operating units and components, the Elpiji Group is continuously developing in-house technologies.

We are forming strategic alliances with local and foreign entities to develop key elements for LPG and NG markets. With cooperative inputs from engineers, designers, and manufacturers, concept are being reality.

Elpiji continues to contribute to the industry with the active participation of its founders in techno-economic meetings and seminars. We also take part in local and international exhibitions, and the annual World LP Gas Forum Conference and Exhibition.

All members of the Elpiji Group are commited in working together to expand the group business by actively seeking opportunities throughout Asia and other growing world markets.

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