ELIXIR EK 670 C2 Electronic Filling Machine For 3-kg Cylinders For Carousel

Description : It fills LPG into cylinders as per pre-set target weight.

Required operator : No operator is required for the filling machines.

Cylinders : For 3-kg cylinders

Inclusive of :
  • Auto filling head for 20mm compact valve
  • LPG hoses
  • Pneumatic gas stop valve
  • Pneumatic control valve
  • Complete filling machine structure
  • Electronic display keypad rated IP 65
  • Electronic load cell with weighing platform rated IP 65

Filling resolution : 50 g

Filling capacity : 100 cylinders (3-kg) per machine per hour

Differential pressure : 7 to 9-kg/cm2

Operating pressure : 6 bar

EK 670 C2 electronic filling machines with an auto filling head for compact valve for 3-kg cylinders installed on a carousel