For more than 35 years the world renowned Kosangas brand has been synonymous with durable and reliable LPG vaporizers. With performance that has been proven all over the world, Kosangas vaporizers are built tough to withstand all operating conditions and their modular construction ensures long-term hassle-free operations with low cost replacements and minimal maintenance.

Kosangas vaporizers are available in various configurations and rated Zone 1 Explosion-proof or Zone 2 for optimal safety. Approvals obtained include DEMKO (UL subsidiary) and PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) which carries the CE mark.

We look forward to providing competitive solutions for your needs and welcome all your inquiries. To find out how Kosangas vaporizers can add value for your business, please contact us.


KT - Indirect electrically heated water bath vaporizer
KTW - Re-circulated hot-water heated vaporizer
KTD - Electrically heated dry vaporizer
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