Aichi Tokei Denki Co Ltd - Japan
Turbine, rotary and diaphragm meters, governors, and regulators for natural gas.
Dj Batchen Pty Ltd - Australia
LPG equipment for autogas refuelling systems.
Cavagna Group SpA - Italy
Turbine, rotary and diaphragm meters, governors, and regulators for natural gas.
Corken Inc - USA
Liquefied gas transfer equipment, LPG pumps, and compressors.
Emailgas - Australia
Metering and regulating equipment, domestic gas meters, regulators, meter bars, bell prover test equipment, and high/flow pressure gas meter calibration facilities.
George Fischer Piping Systems Ltd - Switzerland
ELGEF electro-fusion system and GF fittings.
Hamai Industries Ltd - Japan
LPG ball valves, POL valves, scuba valves, and fire-fighting valves.
H&P Systec GmbH - Germany
Hydrolic Press and deep drawing equipment.
Kosan Teknova - Denmark
Kosangas compact valve and regulator system, high pressure pigtails, and switch-on cylinder couplings.
Nicchu Co Ltd - Japan
Shot-blasting and abrasion cleaning equipment.
Ragasco AS- Norway
Composite LPG cylinders.
Engineered Controls International Inc - USA
Valves, regulators, manifold accessories, adaptors, connectors, fittings, and rotogages.
RMG Group - Germany
Metering and regulating equipment, pressure relief and safety devices, flow control valves, electronic correctors, data recording equipment, design and assembly of pressure regulating and metering stations.
Schlumberger Industries Inc - USA
Meters for LPG road tankers and tank farms.

M-POL Rubber Products Sdn Bhd - Malaysia
LPG Compact Valve Rubber Components


Iwatani International Corporation (M) Sdn Bhd - Malaysia
Yokohama Vapour Hoses

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