KTW97 - 1200 kg/h
(Hot-Water Heated) - PED, DEMKO approvals and CE marked (Zone 1)

  • Water inlet connection
  • Safety relief valve (gas)
  • Gas temperature probe
  • Water outlet connection
  • Safety relief valve (water)
  • Gas outlet connection
  • Gas inlet connection
  • Water drain plug
Product Description :
Model KTW 97

Heated by recirculated hot water at 75°C

Classification : Zone 1

Range : 1200 kg/h subject to conditions in table overleaf.

Operating temperature range : 40°C - 70°C

This safe and reliable hot-water heated LPG vaporizer makes it possible to cover the demands in a medium-sized industrial enterprise where a surplus of hot water or lack of electrical power exists. When installation of a KTW 97 unit is possible and surplus of hot water is available, low installation and running costs will result refer Operational Conditions Table overleaf.

This unit has been approved according to the highest safety standards allowing it to be placed in Zone 1 (Hazardous Area). Safety distance is not required.

Kosangas LPG recommends that all installations be carried out according to local rules and regulations.

Easy to install and maintain :

KTW 97 enables quick installation at low cost. It may utilize either a surplus of hot water from a production/heating process or a separate boiler unit. Kosangas LPG recommends installation of a heat exchanger between the heating source and the vaporizer for safety reasons to prevent gas from entering into the water heating source e.g. a boiler. No external control box is needed. Maintenance is minimal and all parts are easy to replace. Kosangas LPG recommends the use of anticorrosion/antifreeze (glycol) solution to provide the necessary protection of the water chamber against corrosion and frost.

Technical Description :

KTW 97 is equipped with the following technical features:

  • Solenoid valve (On/Off) controlled by an electronic thermostat.
  • Temperature sensor protects against liquid penetration and overloading.
  • Two safety relief valves protect the pressure vessels against unacceptable pressure increases both in the GAS and the WATER section.
  • Explosion-proof (Zone 1) execution
  • Flameproof control box
  • All electrical components are placed inside a compact control box mounted on the side of the vaporizer
  • Colour : RAL 50-05
  • If two or more units of KTW 97 1200 kg/h are required for an installation to achieve a capacity higher than 1200 kg/h, each vaporizer should be equipped with a thermovalve KTV 1000.
Test pressure for GAS section : 32.5 bar (470 psi)
Test pressure for water section : 3.8 bar (56 psi)
Relief valve for GAS section :
Nominal set point 25 bar (360 psi) or 17 bar (250 psi).
Relief valve for WATER section : Nominal set point 2.5 bar (37 psi)
Classification Zone 1:

EEx d m [ia] II A T3,
EN 50014, EN 50018, EN 50028

Approvals :
DEMKO (UL subsidiary) and PED (Pressure Equipment Directive) with CE marking.
Scope of supply :
  • Installation and maintenance manuals
  • Pressure and electrical test certificates
  • Transport pallet
  • KPT 97 Remote Monitor Control with cabling
Optional Features :
  • Oil separator for drainage of residues
  • Regulators
  • Boiler unit, pump, heat-exchanger and expansion tank
  • Crating of vaporizer
  • Flanges for gas connection
  • Thermovalve KTV 1000
Gas Section
Inlet / Outlet
Water Section
Inlet / Outlet
Water bath
50/60 Hz
DN 40 / DN 40
BSP 2" / BSP 2"

Operational Condition
Variations in Capacities based on inlet temperature
Water Supply
Min. outlet
Gas Temperature
Water Temperature
Inlet 75°C - Outlet app. 65°C
1200 kg/h
Energy needed for the Vaporization (Net)
160,000 Kcal/h

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